TriHarman – Norfolk Training Winter Mini Duathlons 2018/19

Many of you tried our training mini duathlons last winter.  They will be back in the Autumn once the season closes.

They are not competitive events, but will be timed for your future reference.

The distances are short so it can be completed well within the hour, you can also do any combination of the bike and run courses which will be well marked.  It is a good opportunity to practice the all important transitions.

They will start at the normal Sunday session time of 9am, make sure you have a cycle helmet and clothing suitable for the weather.  Just meet us on The Esplanade at Sheringham, near the beach access.

Free parking is available there.


19th November 2017

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Keith 28m 24s
Matt C 17m 40s 60s 27m 30s 60s 18m 10s 1hr 5m 20s
Phil W 14m 23s 1m 39s 19m 37s 60s 15m 9s 52m 48s
Eddie R 15m 43s 36s 27m 15s 22s 16m 4s 1hr
Amanda M 14m 34s 64s 25m 7s 36s 15m 20s 56m 41s
Nigel W 12m 52s 67s 19m 43s 54s 13m 26s 48m 2s
John M 14m 06s 23s 21m 22s 32s 13m 50s 50m 13s