Phil Hurr races London Triathlon 2018

Something of an inspiration for all those who think poor swimming will stop them racing triathlon.  Twelve months ago Phil Hurr could barely swim a length, but with some swim coaching, plenty of practice and determination, his duathlon racing has turned into an age group win at a major race, The London Triathlon.   This race attracts thousands of triathletes from all over the country, swimming in a Royal Dock, riding past famous London landmarks and has probably the biggest transition area in the sport.  Here is his story of the race.

Driving to London to do the sprint triathlon, excited, nervous, relishing the chance to do a race like this. I got there early as always, I like to check everything out. Registration was not too busy and well organised as was the whole event. I got my bike racked early so all ready to go and could relax .

 My biggest fear was that the water temp was close to being non-wetsuit race, so I bought a towfloat which you would have to use if the race was deemed non-wet suit, Then at least I would have something to hang onto if I felt uncomfortable.  I then chilled as everything was in place for the race. The race start time soon came around and I was ready to go for it. The race went well and hallelujah it was a wetsuit swim, I was relieved and once I got in the water I felt quite comfortable and just enjoyed it.  We seemed to get to the first turn point quickly and that gave me confidence for the rest of the swim.  I just relaxed and tried to push a little, before I knew it the swim was finished.  Getting out of the water and climbing on the ramp I dropped my swim hat! bent to pick it up, then was so dizzy I nearly fell over.  It was quite a long transition running up some stairs and then onto the bike. I had a good transition and on to the bike.  I started to feel comfortable on the bike, it was quite technical with some tight turns but I worked hard, and was passing people. The bike was a two lap circuit so everything was familiar on the last lap.  The second transition also went well with quite a long run with bike ,once bike racked onto the run which was really hot!  I worked hard not quite sure what position I was in as all the other races were mixed in together it was it a 2 lap run of which part when into the Xcel Centre, which was lovely and cool, so knew I could push a bit more in there ,then out in the heat again for 2cnd lap.  Some guy passed me ,but I managed to get him back again before the finish.  Crossing the line felt good and then presented with a medal, along with a nice refreshing pint alcohol free lager. I really enjoyed the whole day and well organised event managing to finish 24th overall and first in my age category,  I would definitely recommend this race , cheers Phil