TriHarman:- 1-2-1 Swim Coaching

TriHarman:- 1-2-1 Swim Coaching

In addition to our group sessions TriHarman offer more intensive bespoke swim training for swimmers wishing to make faster progress.1-2-1 (2)

The swim leg of any triathlon is the shortest in both distance and duration yet it causes the most worry for new triathletes and those graduating to longer distance races.  This can be from fear of the swimming environment, using so much energy it compromises the later parts of the race, or just not being able to swim at a pace to meet a cut off time or to remain competitive with other athletes.

Swimming will improve the more you train, however if you train with bad technique this improvement will be very slow and the benefit is limited.  This is because swimming technique is vitally important as you are trying to pass through a very dense medium.  You can only produce so much power, if this is lost through excessive water resistance you will not go faster however hard you try.  The more effort you put in the more drag you cause and you get quickly exhausted at exactly the same speed.

1-2-1Many triathletes always use a pull buoy to train, generally because they go faster and find it easier than when swimming without aid.  This is a pure technique issue and simple changes can remove the need for the aid and make swimming a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

In our coaching sessions TriHarman use an HD video camera to record what you are doing both under and over the water, providing side, front and overhead views.  This allows you to see what needs to be corrected, the affects of the correction and provides a record of your progress.  Swimmers taking our five week course get a DVD showing their progress to take away.

We currently offer 1-2-1 swim training at Woodlands Leisure, Bodham and Victory Swim and Fitness Centre in North Walsham. Pool time is limited so contact us for details. If you are interested in training with us see us at a Monday swim session or contact us by e-mail or phone.

This is what some athletes we coached previously thought of the training:

I was unable to swim 25 meters front crawl without been out of breath and struggling along. After a few years of watching videos and trying a couple of local coaches I was recommend Mark.  I booked the 5 week 1 hour swim sessions which Mark offers. During the 5 sessions I have gone from swimming 25 meters to comfortably swimming  400 meters and even learning how to tumble! Mark is an excellent swimming coach with no ego and a real gentleman.  I am now looking forward to my fist triathlon and continuing to improve my swimming with Mark.  

Ben Leary 12/10/15


” I found the lessons a huge benefit. I having been doing Tri’s now for 7-8 Yrs after having a background of football & squash. 

Swimming was always going to be my weakest discipline here. Like most of us, I did not swim at swim club when I was younger or had I swum at all really before entering the world of Triathlon – so I had to learn the hard way with sheer graft and determination (like everyone else probably). I would thrash out length after length not really knowing what I was doing or whether I was doing it right, but as I became more competitive I looked at ways to improve. I had some lessons in London (SFT) in both an Endless Pool & swimming pool & made some progress. 

However, the difference since having had lessons with Mark and Teresa have been very noticeable. Mark immediately picked up (first lesson) on two items and we worked from there. I found the use of the video camera (side & front view) invaluable in seeing what changes needed to be made, making those changes and checking back again and again. Then the drills Mark suggested have really helped engrain the new technique(s) I learnt as well. I am now much more streamline in the water and my technique has improved immensely. I have a great feel for the water and feel much stronger. 

I would absolutely without hesitation recommend these lessons to both beginners & the more experienced swimmer.”