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About Emma – Expert nutritionist
Emma  Risbey is a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert. Emma is one of the most respected nutritionists in the UK with a 1st class sports science degree and MSc in Public Health Nutrition she lectured at Southampton Solent University from 2007–2013. Emma has managed her own healthy lifestlye and sports nutrition consultancy for many years and has supported hundreds of beginner, competitive and elite athletes to get the most from this essential aspect of their training. She has also represented Great Britain at Cross Country and England on the road as a distance runner has PBs of 79 minutes for half marathon and 35 minutes for 10km.
Available packages
Nutrition Package 1 Standard: £75
Nutrition Package 2 Advanced: £150
Nutrition Package 3 Follow-up re-assessment : £50

Choosing the right quality food helps to ensure energy (fuel) and that other nutrient needs are met. This in turn promotes adaptations to training, aids a quicker recovery and leads to continued improvements in running performance. Good quality food also helps to maintain good health, helps to prevent illness and reduces the risk of injury. RunningwithUs’ in-house nutritionist, Emma Patel, can help to educate and inform runners, from recreational to elite, helping them to help themselves in formulating their own individualised strategies for an adequate training diet, hydration and recovery whatever the goal. We offer a range of nutrition packages that include;
  • Focus on enhanced sports performance and advise on nutritional periodization
  • Comprehensive Individual dietary analysis with constructive feedback, addressing health concerns, workable recommendations, healthy shopping list, healthy recipes and daily meal plans.
  • Addressing disordered eating consistent with good health and good performance.
  • Identification of nutritional deficiencies
  • Healthy weight management assessing and analysing dietary practices, body composition, and energy balance (intake and expenditure).
  • Collaborate with the individuals coach, GP, and other health professionals to advise on appropriate nutrition practices.
  • Education and support on food selection and food preparation.
  • Advice on nutrition for domestic and/or international travel, for example, at hotels, airlines and races.
Nutrition Package 1 Standard – £75
Personal diet and nutritional review including diet and lifestlye questionnaire, a week long food diary analysis and tailored nutrition advice. This consultation includes;
  1. Brief analysis of current diet and identification of any key health concerns.
  2. Effective and tailored recommendations focusing on sports nutrition habits.
Nutrition Package 2 Advanced – £150
All of package 1 as well as one-to-one personal consultation, detailed macro and micro nutrient analysis, specific and tailored sports nutrition strategy focusing on nutrient timing around key sessions and races. You will also recieve a tailored healthy shopping list and meal plans and a one hour session with Emma in person, on the phone or via Skype. The key elements of this package include;
  1. Comprehensive and construcitve analysis of current diet providing feedback and highlighting and adapting to induvidual health concerns.
  2. Nutritional persiodisation around your short, medium and long term running goals focusing on improving your sports performance.
  3. Workable and realistic recommendations for you to apply to your lifestyle focsing on food qaulity and nutrient density.
  4. Daily food plans with breakdown of specific macro and micro nutrient requirements. No fad diets – clear, specific and scientifically grounded advice tailored to your personal goals.
  5. Healthy shopping list and advice for how to adapt and make your diet work for you when buying meals out or travelling with work or family.
  6. A broad range of exciting, nutritous and great tasting recipes including breakfasts, light meals, snacks, portable food, drinks and deserts.
  7. Email support for one month period post review.
Nutrition Package 3 Follow-up re-assessment – £50
Follow up consultation and review to provide further tailored advice, review progress and set new goals, targets and improvement.
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Emma Risbey
Public Health Nutritionist

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