Coaches Corner – Athletic Ladies Demons

Teresa writes about her experience dealing with her ‘Demons’ as she trains and races.  She writes from a ladies perspective but many of these feelings live within both sexes.

I don’t know about you but despite watching what I eat and drink (well mostly) and exercising most of my life, I still cannot remove the nagging thoughts that I am fat.  I am not looking for sympathy, but what is it about us women that we rarely see our good points or see our achievements in a good light.  Is it in my genes or is it the fact that being in sport I am consistently surrounding myself with younger and more able bodies.  Read more

Coaches Corner – Body Weight v Speed

If you want to go faster you need to go lighter! This is a generalisation but in the vast majority of cases it is true.  Triathlon is a race of three parts, on both the bike and run lowering your weight will make significant improvements to your race times.

If you cast your mind back to your science lessons, the greater the mass (weight) the greater the force required to accelerate (move) it.  Sorry if you have just eaten that big bar of chocolate but it’s as simple as that.  This is why you spent a fortune on that lightweight bike frame, or covet those latest carbon bits and pieces.

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Coaches Corner – Donating Blood and Training

I regularly give blood and have on occasion met other athletes at the donor sessions.  Without doubt blood donation is a good thing to do, as we are cycling and running out on the roads we are at greater risk of accident and may one day need to draw on the blood donated by others.  We are also healthy individuals ideally suited to supply blood without a significant impact on our own lives, but how will it affect our training and athletic performance?  Read on.

Your Winter Training Focus

As the season draws to an end, you may be celebrating a summer of success or wondering why all that training has not provided the race performances you expected.  This is the time to sit down with a coach and discuss what you need to do to improve that race day performance in 2016.

You cannot escape the truth that winter training builds the foundations for your summer performance.

You may find some help if you read here

TriHarman Spring Triathlon Training Camp in Mallorca

Early Spring Mallorca Triathlon Training Camp

We are pleased to announce this camp is now full and a great team is going out next spring.  Look out for news on what we do on the trip. We will run another in 2017.

TriHarman has only one place remaining for their Spring Training Camp to Mallorca from 16-23rd April 2016.

Come and experience training with two Level 3 British Triathlon coaches offering wonderful cycling in the hills near Alcudia and Old Town Pollensa, swimming in the calm Mediterranean,  practicing open water skills, running around the villages and valleys and relaxing and stretching with Pilates.

You will be staying in a luxurious Spanish Villa with its own pool and outdoor BBQ and surrounding grounds.  All abilities, experienced or not and any age (over 18yrs) is welcome.  Those that have secured their places so far are not training for Ironman distances so the focus will mainly be on Sprint and Olympic distance. It’s an ideal opportunity to train in warmer temperatures (low 70s) and to kick start your triathlon season when the weather in the UK can still be pretty cold.

For further details please contact Mark or Teresa Harman through FB (Triharman) or on our website Contact Us.

Why should you do Pilates? By Teresa Harman


Athletes train their bodies to maintain and improve their performance in their sport.

Many top athletes and dancers use Pilates to assist with their training.  For example, Darcey Bussell a well known and loved ballerina and now Pilates instructor uses this method to maintain her health and mobility.  In an interview in the Evening Standard nearly three years ago she said:I truly believe Pilates is such a good thing, especially if you have had children”.

So why should you include Pilates in your training?  Read here.

My class at East Runton Village Hall, Thursdays 7pm to 8pm is particularly suitable for athletes.

Ironman Barcelona 2015 with TriHarman

IM Barcelona Supporters

After a year of waiting and preparation Ironman Barcelona arrived.   Mark and Teresa travelled out to the race with friends from TriAnglia and Born2tri.

The story of the trip is here.

A TriHarman athlete Donald Barber also completed his first Ironman race in Barcelona.

He has written an account of his experiences here.

If you would like to talk with us about support with your ambitions for 2016 events use our contact us.