Meet the Coaches


Teresa Harman – Pilates and Fitness instructor, Level 3 Triathlon Coach

I hold the Level 3 British Triathlon Coaching qualification, coaching in all the triathlon disciplines.  My background is as a swimming and fitness instructor.

I completed an ASA Teacher Swimming Certificate back in 1999 when my children were in the Braintree & Bocking Swimming Club so that I could help out with Galas and with swimming lessons at the then Riverside Pool in Braintree teaching children and adults alike.  I had also always enjoyed taking part in studio classes as a means of keeping fit, so when attending a Fitness Weekend I decided I would go away and see if I could become a teacher myself.  I qualified with a YMCA Exercise to Music Certificate in 2000 and then went on to gain certificates in Speedo’s Shallow and Deep Aqua  in August 2000 which allowed me to teach aqua classes to a vast amount of people.   From here I branched out to learn Pilates since I realised that stretching was an integral part of staying healthy and flexible and I completed a Modern Pilates Mat Work Stage 1 certificate in January 2003.  I discovered the joy of spinning classes so embarked on a Body Training System (BTS) to teach RPM and gained this certificate in 2003, along with a certificate from the National Studio Cycling Register, a company owned by a fellow triathlete, Rick Kiddle and later developed this obtaining his Blue Jersey Certificate for Heart Zones training.


I raced my first sprint triathlon in 1994 and continued to race club events.  In 2007 my husband Mark and I started a triathlon club, Born2Tri.  I began coaching our athletes and progressed my coaching training, finally in December 2009 I gained my Level 3 certificate.  I continue to develop my professional competence attending conferences and seminars across the country to gain further experience and try to develop the sport to a wider audience.  I have recently obtained a Nutritionist in Weight Management qualification and am studying Sports Nutrition.

Since our relocation to North Norfolk we have now launched another Triathlon club, TriHarman-Norfolk to develop further the sport in this area.

As an athlete I continue to enjoy racing, achieving good results in club level events, but in 2013 I took on the challenge of Ironman Austria.  This was to challenge my athletic ability but also to understand better what athletes need to race at this level.

image1In addition to coaching groups I support a number of individuals to achieve their personal triathlon challenges, many seeking that illusive Ironman finish.




Mark Lanzarote

Mark Harman – Level 3 Triathlon Coach

I have been coaching triathlon since 2006.  I hold a Level 3 British Triathlon Coaching qualification and coach all the disciplines.  I am also a Level 2 British Cycling coach and a Level 2 ASA Aquatics Teacher.

My triathlon career began in 1990 when as a recreational cyclist I took part in my first sprint triathlon at Ongar.  I did not give the greatest performance, struggling through the swim, tearing round the bike course, then ended up walking after half the run.  I finished the race and like many people before and since I was hooked.  Triathlon was not the well developed sport it is today, but I soon realised it was the one for me.  Through the years I have completed over a hundred races, the highlights being completing six Ironman races including Lanzarote, Barcelona, Austria and Nice.

Until recently I lived in Essex, having organised the Braintree District Triathlon and others for many years as part of Essex Police Triathlon, I was one of a small team, including my wife and fellow coach Teresa who in 2007 created Born2tri.  As chairman of Born2tri the club grew to a membership of 160 athletes from beginners through to those racing the ITU world championships and Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

In the summer of 2014 I retired from the Police service and relocated to North Norfolk. We have started a new Triathlon club for North Norfolk called TriHarman-Norfolk.

I continue to offer support for individual athletes, from club racers to those racing for world and European championship qualification and Ironman racing.

Maximising athlete performance is important, whatever level you race at, however equally important are keeping the training and racing enjoyable while providing tremendous long term health benefits.


John Morgan

John Morgan – Level 2 Triathlon Coach

I had always thought that triathlon was a sport for mad people, swimming then cycling and then running. Like many I kind of thought I can run I know how to ride a bike and I can swim the odd length but put it all together and over those distances….I don’t think so. In 2011 I saw some friends compete in a sprint triathlon. The previous year I had got my first decent road bike and was becoming addicted to cycling. Watching my friends, I thought I could do that……maybe! Anyway, the following year a group of us decided that we were getting too lardy and had to do something so we entered a sprint Tri, that was 2013. The first step was to book some swimming lessons, where I proudly managed to swim a whole length having been asked to do 100m. Cycling was then and still is my strongest discipline. I joined the NNWheelers to try and get faster. My first 10 mile TT was 28 minutes, that’s more than 20mph! By the end of my first season I had got to nearly 24 minutes which equates to 25mph. I did not run, I was terrified that my knees would give out so I did my first tri on the back of no run training. This was followed by two super sprints that year and I was hooked. In 2014 I did my first open water swim, it was terrible but the following week I did another pool based sprint and won my age group, my first piece of triathlon bling.

That winter I came into contact with the Harman’s and Mark became my coach….he probably regrets that as I am a negative obsessive, that means I over analyse and am never satisfied with my performances…..if you weren’t sure who I am you probably are now!
Encouraged by Mark I stepped up to Olympic distance, which is my current a result of my efforts last year I can claim to be in the top 30 in the country in my age group, having made the top 30 in the national championships in Liverpool, sadly my aim had been top 20…maybe this year!
Again encouraged my Mark, I decided I should try to put something back into the sport I love and so I did the level 1 coaching qualification, which I passed late in 2016. I am now qualified to the Level 2 including authority to coach in open water..
Triathlon is brilliant and if I can make the experience a little more enjoyable for someone else then I consider that a coaches job well done.