Pinewoods Triathlon 2016


TriHarman-Norfolk Team Results

John Morgan (50-54) 1st AG 4th Overall Time. 50.25
Nigel Arnold (55-59) 1st AG 10th Overall Time. 51.50
Emily Plumb (25-29) 1st AG 2nd Female Overall Time. 55.03
Phil Hurr Snr (60-64) 1st AG 31st Overall Time. 58.15
Teresa Harman (50-54) 1st AG 7th Female Time. 59.40
Marion Arnold (55-49) 1st AG 13th Female Time. 1.04.09

Richard  (45-49) 3rd AG 15th Overall Time. 52.52
Jon Beverley (35-39) 3rd AG 17th Overall Time. 53.43
Martin Wall (55-59) 2nd AG 18th Overall Time. 54.02
Mark Harman (55-59) 3rd AG 25th Overall Time. 55.24
Greg Saunders (35-39) 5th AG 26th Overall Time. 56.03
Paul,Stevens (50-54) 3rd AG 29th Overall Time. 57.53
Dawn  (35-39) 2nd AG 6th Overall 
Gordon Knott  (45-49)AG 7th Overall Time 59.51
Nick Bowden (60-64) 2nd AG 36th Overall Time. 1.00.01
Matthew Coe (50-54) 5th AG 46th Overall Time. 1.04.35
Tessa Morgan (50-54) 2nd AG 16th Female Time. 1.05.13
Emma Cattermull (30-34) 3rd AG 17th Female Time. 1.05.30
Denver Slowther (40-44) 11th AG 58th Overall Time. 1.07.40
Becky Cooper (45-49) 4th AG 30th Female Time. 1.1130
Natasha McGlinchey (30-34) 4th AG 46th Female Time. 1.16.44
Trine Middleton (55-59) 3rd AG 50th Female Time. 1.19.50
Gill Bewick (55-59) 4th AG 59th Female Time. 1.27.33

Congratulations, simply outstanding.

Many of you will have taken part in this friendly supersprint event in previous years.  It takes place on Sunday 25th September 2016, based at Woodlands Leisure, Upper Sheringham, promoted by our friends at Positive Sport.  It consists of a 300m pool swim, 17km bike and 3km run.

We have a number of TriHarman-Norfolk racers entered already and it would be a nice season closing event for the club.

If you would like to take part entries are at:

Entry Central