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Woodlands Leisure GoTri Triathlon – Sunday 10th June

GoTri Logocropped-TriH-2col.jpg

Congratulations to all the racers at this mornings event.  It was so good to see so many juniors trying the sport and special mention to 72 yr old Frank Reader completing his first triathlon.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who turned out this morning to create the event.

The provisional results are shown below:

Number Name swim time bike time run time overall time
23 Bradley Nelson 00:04:00 00:17:36 00:08:23 00:29:59
10 Jason Bartrum 00:03:29 00:18:16 00:08:30 00:30:15
11 Callum Steadman (J) 00:02:32 00:20:22 00:08:16 00:31:10
9 Jack Bartrum (J) 00:03:00 00:20:46 00:08:41 00:32:27
8 Alex Curtis 00:03:51 00:21:24 00:07:58 00:33:13
1 Mark Betts 00:04:50 00:20:11 00:08:23 00:33:24
22 Kim Charlton 00:03:29 00:20:35 00:10:03 00:34:07
18 Chris Hamlin 00:03:56 00:20:08 00:10:51 00:34:55
6 Phil King 00:04:48 00:22:22 00:09:35 00:36:45
17 Olivia Sargeant (J) 00:03:35 00:23:45 00:10:17 00:37:37
2 Janice Coglin-Hibbert 00:04:55 00:23:15 00:10:58 00:39:08
7 Sarah King 00:05:17 00:23:25 00:11:28 00:40:10
15 Mark Townsend 00:06:18 00:22:44 00:11:19 00:40:21
5 Philip Websdale 00:05:24 00:25:12 00:10:04 00:40:40
14 Koreana Symonds 00:04:19 00:27:11 00:09:37 00:41:07
13 Memphis Symonds (J) 00:04:36 00:27:53 00:08:54 00:41:23
3 Trine Middleton 00:05:14 00:24:08 00:13:13 00:42:35
21 Keith Beswick 00:06:42 00:22:25 00:13:47 00:42:54
12 Lorna Annison 00:04:28 00:27:07 00:12:01 00:43:36
16 Ian Edwards 00:05:29 00:28:05 00:11:12 00:44:46
20 Nancy Crow 00:06:08 00:26:25 00:12:50 00:45:23
4 Jonathan King 00:04:22 00:25:41 00:15:49 00:45:52
19 Angus White (J) 00:03:33 00:33:47 00:09:57 00:47:17
26 Frank Reader 00:13:57 00:42:14 00:21:18 01:17:29


More details of our GoTri races can be found in our Events section.

Woodlands Leisure Aquathlon – Results

Congratulations to all our racers who took part this morning.  Also a big thank you to the TriHarman-Norfolk members who gave up their Sunday morning to deliver the event.

The results are below:

Number Name Notes swim time run time overall time
8 Callum Steadman M 00:02:31 00:07:35 00:10:06
2 Matthew Rogers M 00:03:06 00:08:20 00:11:26
4 Gus White M 00:03:30 00:09:04 00:12:34
6 Olivia Sargeant F 00:03:33 00:09:43 00:13:16
5 Memphis Simmons F 00:04:44 00:08:50 00:13:34
7 Carina Simmons F 00:04:46 00:10:17 00:15:03
1 Trine Middleton F 00:05:17 00:12:33 00:17:50
3 Mabel White F 00:04:16 00:13:51 00:18:07


I hope to see a few more of you in two weeks at our GoTri Woodlands Leisure Triathlon.

TriHarman-Norfolk Club Champions 2017

TriH 2col

TriHarman-Norfolk Triathlon Club members  qualified for the 2017 club championships by competing in one or more of the below local triathlon races.  Their best score went forward to the competition.

The 2017 TriHarman-Norfolk Champions are:

1st – Suzie T
2nd – Amanda M
3rd – Tessa M

1st – Nigel A
2nd – Martin W
3rd – John M
Their awards will be presented at the annual dinner.

2nd July 2017 – Outlaw Half at Holkham (Middle distance)
10th September 2017 – North Norfolk Triathlon at Wells (Standard distance)
24th September 2017 – Woodlands Leisure Triathlon at Upper Sheringham (Super Sprint distance)


Woodlands Leisure GoTri Triathlon – 11th June 2017

Woodlands 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this mornings race.  It was great to see you all racing, particularly those of you who we saw on our training sessions.  

Thank you to the TriHarman-Norfolk members who got out of their beds to help deliver the event and support all the new racers.  Without these dedicated volunteers the sport would not exist.

While the challenge was completing the race successfully I am sure you are interested in the times.  You will find the provisional results here.

 Click here to view.


Woodlands Leisure is working with TriHarman-Norfolk Triathlon Club to introduce the sport of Triathlon to those wishing to try it for the first time or who are training towards a larger event.

On Sunday 11th June 2017 Woodlands Leisure will host a low cost triathlon event, specifically designed for those wishing to try the sport for the first time or to develop their skills in preparation for a larger event to come.  The triathlon will start at 8am and will consist of a 200m pool swim, immediately followed by a 13km cycle ride and finally a 2km run to the finish.  The cost is just £6 (£4 for 15 – 17yrs).

We ran a series of very successful training sessions and they have claimed their places in the event, but there are a few still available.


GoTri Logocropped-TriH-2col.jpg


TriHarman GoTri-Victory Aquathlon – Results

Congratulations to all those who took part this morning.  These no frills low cost GoTri events are aimed at the young and inexperienced racers and it was nice to see most of our starters were young people many improving significantly on their 2016 times.

A big thank you to Teresa, Andrea, Paul, Matt and John who turned out to put the event on, hopefully a few more will take advantage of our future GoTri events.

GoTri Logo

Places are now available for our Woodlands Leisure GoTri Triathlon on 11th June – e-mail us if you would like to enter.

Number Name Position swim time run time overall time
1 Billy Life 1 00:03:14 00:07:09 00:10:23
9 Adi Durand 1 00:03:20 00:07:16 00:10:36
7 Victoria Lloyd 2 00:02:32 00:08:23 00:10:55
3 Matthew Rogers 2 00:03:03 00:08:15 00:11:18
2 Hetty Life 3 00:03:03 00:08:54 00:11:57
4 Arthur Watson 3 00:05:00 00:10:35 00:15:35
6 Becky Hornby 4 00:06:10 00:10:08 00:16:18
5 Stan Watson 4 00:06:34 00:10:13 00:16:47
8 Mick Foweather 5 00:06:34 00:10:33 00:17:07


For more details of our Go Tri events click here

Pinewoods Triathlon – Well done all

TriH 2colCongratulations to all the TriHarman-Norfolk racers at the Pinewoods Triathlon this morning. A great event organised by Positive Sport, thank you Karl Read, Guy Metcalf, Woodlands Leisure and all the volunteers.
A particular well done to all our age group winners, Phil Hurr, John Morgan, Nigel Arnold, Marion Arnold and of course Teresa.
The biggest well done goes to Emily Plumb taking second place overall.
A great day thank you all. Mark and Teresa

You will find our team results here

North Norfolk Wheelers Evening 10 Time Trials

imagesMany of our members have taken advantage of the North Norfolk Wheelers Tuesday evening time trials as a cheap fun race and some intensity bike training.

The season has now come to a close for the evening 10’s with a flurry of personal bests on the final race.  I am sure TriHarman-Norfolk racers will be back in the spring.

A big thank you to the North Norfolk Wheelers for their warm welcome and helpful advice and guidance through the season.

Victory Triathlon 2016

Sunday 17th July 2016
WinnersWell done to all our racers yesterday.  We had a good group take on the Victory Triathlon at North Walsham, a nice friendly super sprint event put on by Active Outdoor Sport with help from Positive Sport.  Our team raced really strongly, Dawn Collyer achieved 3rd overall and Emma Cattermull 5th overall and her age group win.  Our other racers produced plenty of personal bests, Poppy completing her first triathlon winning her age group and age group wins for Martin W (two weeks in a row!), Marion and Tessa.  It was nice to see the womens prize giving dominated by TriHarman-Norfolk racers.  Great to see you all there, the hard work is paying off.

Full results are at:

It will be nice to have a similar group at the next local super sprint The Pinewood Triathlon, another great event for all abilities.  Check your diaries (Sunday September 25th) and get those entries in.

More details here