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Coach Teresa – Why do we always feel bad when our training takes a dip for a few weeks and does it really matter?

As I see it, you train hard before the race season maybe kick starting it in January, and this continues during the competitive race season and well into October or November so why not allow yourself some down time during the month of December. I am sure your own children and family will enjoy having you around more and devoting your time to them. Being sociable with your long suffering friends who miss having the odd lunch or dinner with you to catch up on what’s going on in their lives instead of always yours. Allowing that tired body of yours some well earned rest and allowing that strict regime with food and drink to be slackened a little. It’s a good time to switch off from triathlon and try new sports such as cross country running or cyclo cross. What is it so wrong to do absolutely nothing for a few weeks, letting your hair down and enjoying normal life? I wouldn’t expect anyone to take months off from training but there are some who feel they need to because the love for the sport has become a chore and unenjoyable. Why do other people put you under pressure and make you feel guilty if you want to slow down for a bit? We really ought to just go with the flow as let’s face it most of us aren’t earning a living from it. It should be done because we enjoy it and it should be a bit of fun. Is a few weeks out of your busy schedule really going to harm you in the bigger picture? Come on people, stop being so hard on yourself and others and try to relax a little and enjoy the company of family and friends. Have that odd glass of wine, that bit of cake or stay in bed an extra hour. Come January you will want to pick up the mantle again and punish yourself all over again by setting new goals, new speed targets, qualification for GB or Ironman inspirations. Having the odd day or weeks off isn’t going to kill you, in fact it will do you more good than harm. Life is stressful enough especially with Christmas approaching, so giving yourself time to enjoy other things or have a holiday and reflect on how things went this year will inspire and refresh those aspirations for the coming season. So my message is slow down, don’t feel guilty or pressured and enjoy the treasured times with your kids, loved ones and friends.
Have a festive Xmas and enjoy what the New Year brings. Tx

Last Weekly Coached Swim for 2018 – Splash Sheringham 7.45pm 3rd Dec

It has been great to see so many of you at Splash for our Monday TriHarman coached swim sessions. 

Splash closes for their winter maintenance next week so Monday is our last swim for 2018.  We will be back in the New Year once the pool reopens.

If you are interested in joining us the session is still just £5 for members, cheaper than a public swim.  Lanes for all abilities, a good session for both fitness and technique.

note: The session now starts a little earlier at 7.45pm

TriHarman-Norfolk training mini Duathlon, The Esplanade, Sheringham

Well done for all those who biked and ran this morning.  The weather was surprisingly kind and some great performances.

Your times are shown below:

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Helen 18m30s 54s 24m48s 50s 18m29s 1.03.21
Becky     24m10s 51s 20m53s 45m54s
Phil   Bike 1 19m44s      
    Bike 2 19m53s      
    Bike 3 20m27s      
Tessa 18m55s 1m10s 27m9s 1m16s 20m08s 1.08.38
John 14m6s 21s 21m58s 13s 14m06s 50m44s
Keith     28m29s      
Amanda 14m42s 1m5s 23m29s 40s 16m26s 56m20s
Suzie 16m49s 1m10s 23m14s 50s 17m25s 59m20s

Sunday 2nd December

We will be running the first of our training duathlons starting 9am on Sunday 11th November.  They will be the same format as previous years, a 1 ½ mile run on the cliffs, 6 mile road bike ride and a second run as the first.  It is not a race, just a fast training session to practice your transitions.  You can do all or any part of the session.  It is going to be cold, wear appropriate clothes for the conditions. There is no charge for this session.

Saturday Morning Group Bike Ride – Saturday 1st December


We had a great turnout for our November ride, shame the roads caused a string of punctures through the group.   Well done to everyone who got through it.

We will next ride Saturday 1st December.

The ride is 2 – 3 hours and generally covers 25 – 35 miles.  We meet at Bodham Village Hall at 10.30 am.  This is to allow the Park runners to run and bike as a good brick session.  Only heavy ice or snow will stop us riding so wrap up for the conditions and join us for a ride.

All you need is a road bike and helmet, with clothing suitable for winter riding.  There is no charge for this session.

TriHarman-Norfolk – GoTri Open Water Aquathlon – Results

Well done to the select few who took on our open water Aquathlon.  The results are  shown below.

Name Cat 400m swim time 1.6km Run Time overall time
Billy J 00:06:49 00:08:06 00:14:55
Jon B S 00:06:44 00:08:28 00:15:12
Martin S 00:07:26 00:10:24 00:17:50
Mark S 00:08:45 00:09:30 00:18:15
Peter S 00:07:39 00:12:22 00:20:01
Stewart S 00:08:37 00:11:50 00:20:27
Ed S 00:10:45 00:11:08 00:21:53

All the proceeds of the race and the cake sales raised another £100 towards Becky Coopers 1000mile Challenge.  Thank you for your contributions.

GoTri Logo

For more details go to our EVENTS section.

Woodlands Leisure GoTri Triathlon – Sunday 10th June

GoTri Logocropped-TriH-2col.jpg

Congratulations to all the racers at this mornings event.  It was so good to see so many juniors trying the sport and special mention to 72 yr old Frank Reader completing his first triathlon.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who turned out this morning to create the event.

The provisional results are shown below:

Number Name swim time bike time run time overall time
23 Bradley Nelson 00:04:00 00:17:36 00:08:23 00:29:59
10 Jason Bartrum 00:03:29 00:18:16 00:08:30 00:30:15
11 Callum Steadman (J) 00:02:32 00:20:22 00:08:16 00:31:10
9 Jack Bartrum (J) 00:03:00 00:20:46 00:08:41 00:32:27
8 Alex Curtis 00:03:51 00:21:24 00:07:58 00:33:13
1 Mark Betts 00:04:50 00:20:11 00:08:23 00:33:24
22 Kim Charlton 00:03:29 00:20:35 00:10:03 00:34:07
18 Chris Hamlin 00:03:56 00:20:08 00:10:51 00:34:55
6 Phil King 00:04:48 00:22:22 00:09:35 00:36:45
17 Olivia Sargeant (J) 00:03:35 00:23:45 00:10:17 00:37:37
2 Janice Coglin-Hibbert 00:04:55 00:23:15 00:10:58 00:39:08
7 Sarah King 00:05:17 00:23:25 00:11:28 00:40:10
15 Mark Townsend 00:06:18 00:22:44 00:11:19 00:40:21
5 Philip Websdale 00:05:24 00:25:12 00:10:04 00:40:40
14 Koreana Symonds 00:04:19 00:27:11 00:09:37 00:41:07
13 Memphis Symonds (J) 00:04:36 00:27:53 00:08:54 00:41:23
3 Trine Middleton 00:05:14 00:24:08 00:13:13 00:42:35
21 Keith Beswick 00:06:42 00:22:25 00:13:47 00:42:54
12 Lorna Annison 00:04:28 00:27:07 00:12:01 00:43:36
16 Ian Edwards 00:05:29 00:28:05 00:11:12 00:44:46
20 Nancy Crow 00:06:08 00:26:25 00:12:50 00:45:23
4 Jonathan King 00:04:22 00:25:41 00:15:49 00:45:52
19 Angus White (J) 00:03:33 00:33:47 00:09:57 00:47:17
26 Frank Reader 00:13:57 00:42:14 00:21:18 01:17:29


More details of our GoTri races can be found in our Events section.