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TriHarman-Norfolk Pool Swim Training Update



We are still waiting for the storm damage to be repaired at Splash, so no swim again tonight.  With luck normal service resumed next week.

It has been great to see so many of you at Splash for our Monday TriHarman coached swim sessions. 

We are back 7.45pm each Monday with lanes for all abilities.

If you are interested in joining us the session is still just £5 for members, cheaper than a public swim.  Lanes for all abilities, a good session for both fitness and technique.

TriHarman-Norfolk Coaching Day – Woodlands Leisure Saturday 21st March 2020

TriH 2col

Saturday 21st March 2020 we will be holding a full day of triathlon coaching based at Woodlands Leisure.  In addition to your club coaches we will have professional Ironman athlete and coach Kim Morrison and International run coaches Tim and Pauline Ash with us.  The sessions will be suitable for adults and juniors, all abilities,  including swimming, cycling, running and other triathlon based skills.

The schedule is still evolving, however this will give you an idea of the plans so far.
0900 – Optional Parkrun pace judgement session with Kim Morrison and John Morgan at the Sheringham Park.
1000 – Day officially opens at Woodlands Leisure function room.
1015 – Pilates based stretch and core conditioning session with Teresa.
1100 – Bike turbo session with Kimberley and Teresa (you need your own bike and turbo)
1200 – 1245 – Break
1300 – Talk and Q&A with Kimberley Morrison.
1400 – Cycle maintenance and tyre changing.
1500 – Run Session with top run coaches Tim and Pauline Ash.
1630 – Afternoon Break
1700 – Transition Training
1800 – Swim session Woodlands Pool with Kim Morrison and club coaches.
1900 – Close

There is no cost to club members attending, places are limited to 20 so booking is required.  If the places are not filled they will be offered to guests at a cost of £25 for the day.

If you would like a place, please let us know as soon as possible so you do not miss out.


Open Water Swim Training Course – 9th/10th May 2020



Mark and Teresa have been running open water swim training courses each spring for more than ten years and introduced many new open water swimmers and triathletes to the sport.

We will be running our next course on 9th and 10th May, places are restricted to ensure you get the best coaching experience and it is filling up already.  If you are interested contact us to secure your place.

For more details click here

TriHarman-Norfolk Club Triathlon Championships 2020.


For 2020, to be included in the club you must race at least one of the TriEngland Eastern Region Champs rounds (listed below), if you do more than one your best result will count.  As previously, points will be allocated depending on your age group position, in the event of a tie the percentage of the AG winner’s time will decide.  If this is still tied the percentage of the race winner’s time will decide.
Remember to enter as TriHarman-Norfolk so we can include you.
Eastern Region Champs Events 2020
3rd May The Walden Tri (sprint distance – organiser Walden Tri club),
10th May St. Neots Series Race 1 (sprint or standard – Nice Tri events),
17th May The Big East Triathlon (middle – Dengie events),
24th May The Grafman (middle championship – Nice Tri events),
7th June The Beccles Tri (sprint – Beccles Tri club),
14th June The Sudbury Tri (sprint – Tri Sudbury club),
5th July Grafham Water Triathlon (standard – Nice Tri events),
12th July Norwich Tri (sprint championship – Tri Anglia club),
19th July Gosfield Lake Tri (standard championship – Born2Tri),
6th September St. Neots Series Race 2 (sprint – Nice Tri events),
6th September North Norfolk Tri (standard – Harbour Wells Trust),
13th September Stowmarket Tri (sprint – Haverhill Tri club),
13th September Clacton Tri (standard – Clacton Triathlon).

TriHarman-Norfolk Open Water Swimming 2019


TriHarman-Norfolk had a record season Open Water Swimming  at the Mike Thurston Water Activities Centre.  We have now finished for the year, thank you to everyone who has swum with us, see you May 2020.

It is held at a beautiful unspoilt fresh water lake and is clean and well kept, ideal for training.  The results of our water testing have confirmed the excellent water quality making it a great place to swim and train.  As this is an existing watersport venue it benefits from changing facilities with hot showers and plenty of car parking.

The swims are each Wednesday 6 to 8pm.

More details and directions here

North Norfolk Wheelers Evening 10 Time Trials

imagesMany of our members have taken advantage of the North Norfolk Wheelers Tuesday evening time trials as a cheap fun race and some intensity bike training.

The new season has started and our riders are already going well.

Details of the time trials can be found on the North Norfolk Wheelers website here.

A big thank you to the North Norfolk Wheelers for their warm welcome and helpful advice and guidance through the season.

GoTri Blickling Duathlon – 9am 20th Jan 2019 – Results

A big thank you to all the volunteers who turned out on a freezing morning to welcome our GoTri competitors.

We had a remarkable number of competitors to take on the frozen run/bike/run course through Blickling Park.  Congratulations on finishing the course in very respectable times, particularly well done to the many first time racers.  I promise your next race will be warmer!

Your results are shown below:

Number Name M/F Run 1 time Bike time Run 2 time overall time
6 James Tubb M 00:10:44 00:17:53 00:12:03 00:40:40
10 Ben Smith M 00:12:24 00:16:54 00:13:17 00:42:35
14 Oliver Bell M 00:12:26 00:17:30 00:14:26 00:44:22
5 Richard Tubb M 00:12:22 00:19:24 00:13:30 00:45:16
3 Chris Baldwin M 00:13:24 00:18:11 00:13:53 00:45:28
12 Phil King M 00:13:31 00:18:00 00:14:53 00:46:24
16 Caroline Long F 00:13:21 00:20:52 00:14:08 00:48:21
20 Phil Ashling M 00:15:37 00:17:23 00:16:57 00:49:57
4 Andrew Willington M 00:14:56 00:19:01 00:16:12 00:50:09
8 Carol Ward F 00:13:57 00:21:33 00:15:14 00:50:44
13 Emma Peak F 00:15:17 00:20:22 00:16:44 00:52:23
11 Helen Keyworth F 00:16:15 00:17:42 00:19:17 00:53:14
17 Aimee Long F 00:15:10 00:21:49 00:16:40 00:53:39
18 Keith Beswick M 00:16:59 00:19:11 00:18:19 00:54:29
1 Gillian Surr F 00:17:24 00:23:15 00:17:50 00:58:29
2 Simon Haywood M 00:17:24 00:23:12 00:17:58 00:58:34
19 Kari Ashling F 00:15:17 00:24:34 00:18:44 00:58:35
7 Danielle Gardener F 00:15:51 00:27:33 00:16:47 01:00:11
15 Lynn Greenfield F 00:16:48 00:25:39 00:18:16 01:00:43
9 Jessica Harrington F 00:18:06 00:26:48 00:22:16 01:07:10

Competitors Notes Click Here

The run uses the same course as the weekly parkrun and the cycle route is on the parks multi use trail. Minimum age is 14yrs. Bikes are available at a nominal fee of £4 from Blickling Estates Bike Hub. Cycle details at Payment for cycle hire will be to Blickling Cycle Hire on the day prior to the race.

GoTri Logo

For more details go to our EVENTS section.

Coach Teresa – Why do we always feel bad when our training takes a dip for a few weeks and does it really matter?

As I see it, you train hard before the race season maybe kick starting it in January, and this continues during the competitive race season and well into October or November so why not allow yourself some down time during the month of December. I am sure your own children and family will enjoy having you around more and devoting your time to them. Being sociable with your long suffering friends who miss having the odd lunch or dinner with you to catch up on what’s going on in their lives instead of always yours. Allowing that tired body of yours some well earned rest and allowing that strict regime with food and drink to be slackened a little. It’s a good time to switch off from triathlon and try new sports such as cross country running or cyclo cross. What is it so wrong to do absolutely nothing for a few weeks, letting your hair down and enjoying normal life? I wouldn’t expect anyone to take months off from training but there are some who feel they need to because the love for the sport has become a chore and unenjoyable. Why do other people put you under pressure and make you feel guilty if you want to slow down for a bit? We really ought to just go with the flow as let’s face it most of us aren’t earning a living from it. It should be done because we enjoy it and it should be a bit of fun. Is a few weeks out of your busy schedule really going to harm you in the bigger picture? Come on people, stop being so hard on yourself and others and try to relax a little and enjoy the company of family and friends. Have that odd glass of wine, that bit of cake or stay in bed an extra hour. Come January you will want to pick up the mantle again and punish yourself all over again by setting new goals, new speed targets, qualification for GB or Ironman inspirations. Having the odd day or weeks off isn’t going to kill you, in fact it will do you more good than harm. Life is stressful enough especially with Christmas approaching, so giving yourself time to enjoy other things or have a holiday and reflect on how things went this year will inspire and refresh those aspirations for the coming season. So my message is slow down, don’t feel guilty or pressured and enjoy the treasured times with your kids, loved ones and friends.
Have a festive Xmas and enjoy what the New Year brings. Tx

TriHarman-Norfolk training mini Duathlon, The Esplanade, Sheringham

Well done for all those who biked and ran this morning.  The weather was surprisingly kind and some great performances.

Your times are shown below:

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Helen 18m30s 54s 24m48s 50s 18m29s 1.03.21
Becky     24m10s 51s 20m53s 45m54s
Phil   Bike 1 19m44s      
    Bike 2 19m53s      
    Bike 3 20m27s      
Tessa 18m55s 1m10s 27m9s 1m16s 20m08s 1.08.38
John 14m6s 21s 21m58s 13s 14m06s 50m44s
Keith     28m29s      
Amanda 14m42s 1m5s 23m29s 40s 16m26s 56m20s
Suzie 16m49s 1m10s 23m14s 50s 17m25s 59m20s

Sunday 2nd December

We will be running the first of our training duathlons starting 9am on Sunday 11th November.  They will be the same format as previous years, a 1 ½ mile run on the cliffs, 6 mile road bike ride and a second run as the first.  It is not a race, just a fast training session to practice your transitions.  You can do all or any part of the session.  It is going to be cold, wear appropriate clothes for the conditions. There is no charge for this session.