TriHarman-Norfolk Triathlon Cycle/Run Training

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TriHarman-Norfolk Cycle Training Session Sunday 25th March

Our next session should have the benefit of some daylight and warmer temperatures.   The Karttrak is a fantastic training venue, if you have not experienced it so far then come along.  Your improved bike handling skills will pay dividends in the races.




We have secured the use of an excellent facility to offer floodlit traffic free cycle training for those new to Triathlon cycling and those developing in the sport.

The session will be led by two qualified coaches, covering basic bike handling skills including braking, gears, cornering and dealing with hills.  The session is open to all TriHarman-Norfolk members and our junior squad, but for safety we have to limit numbers to 25 riders.

See more details here

Our next Mini Duathlon Brick Session – Sunday 1st April

Our next Mini Duathlon training session at The Esplanade, Sheringham will be 9am on Sunday 1st April 2018.

The results of the last rather chilly session are shown below.

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Keith 28m 30s 28m 43s 2 x Bike
Mick F 16m 50s 1m 10ss 29m 30s 49s 14m 1s 1hr 2m 20s
Phil H 11m 58s 32s 20m 15s 24s 12m 21s 45m 30s
Tessa 21m 20s 20m 29s 2 x Run
Amanda M 15m 5s 1m 5s 25m 34s 54s 15m 22s 58m
Nigel W 12m 25s 60s 21m 27s 46s 13m 22s 49m
John M 14m 33s 20s 20m 37s 16s 13m 31s 49m 17s