Monday coached swim session Suspended for Summer

I regret to inform you the Monday coached swim session has been suspended due to dwindling numbers.
We are reviewing the results of our recent coaching survey and hope to structure our 2018/19 coaching programme to better suit your needs.   TriHarman-Norfolk was formed to bring coaching to North Norfolk Triathletes.
Note – the Juniors well attended Sunday swim is unaffected.

Woodlands Leisure GoTri Triathlon – Sunday 10th June

GoTri Logocropped-TriH-2col.jpg

Congratulations to all the racers at this mornings event.  It was so good to see so many juniors trying the sport and special mention to 72 yr old Frank Reader completing his first triathlon.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who turned out this morning to create the event.

The provisional results are shown below:

Number Name swim time bike time run time overall time
23 Bradley Nelson 00:04:00 00:17:36 00:08:23 00:29:59
10 Jason Bartrum 00:03:29 00:18:16 00:08:30 00:30:15
11 Callum Steadman (J) 00:02:32 00:20:22 00:08:16 00:31:10
9 Jack Bartrum (J) 00:03:00 00:20:46 00:08:41 00:32:27
8 Alex Curtis 00:03:51 00:21:24 00:07:58 00:33:13
1 Mark Betts 00:04:50 00:20:11 00:08:23 00:33:24
22 Kim Charlton 00:03:29 00:20:35 00:10:03 00:34:07
18 Chris Hamlin 00:03:56 00:20:08 00:10:51 00:34:55
6 Phil King 00:04:48 00:22:22 00:09:35 00:36:45
17 Olivia Sargeant (J) 00:03:35 00:23:45 00:10:17 00:37:37
2 Janice Coglin-Hibbert 00:04:55 00:23:15 00:10:58 00:39:08
7 Sarah King 00:05:17 00:23:25 00:11:28 00:40:10
15 Mark Townsend 00:06:18 00:22:44 00:11:19 00:40:21
5 Philip Websdale 00:05:24 00:25:12 00:10:04 00:40:40
14 Koreana Symonds 00:04:19 00:27:11 00:09:37 00:41:07
13 Memphis Symonds (J) 00:04:36 00:27:53 00:08:54 00:41:23
3 Trine Middleton 00:05:14 00:24:08 00:13:13 00:42:35
21 Keith Beswick 00:06:42 00:22:25 00:13:47 00:42:54
12 Lorna Annison 00:04:28 00:27:07 00:12:01 00:43:36
16 Ian Edwards 00:05:29 00:28:05 00:11:12 00:44:46
20 Nancy Crow 00:06:08 00:26:25 00:12:50 00:45:23
4 Jonathan King 00:04:22 00:25:41 00:15:49 00:45:52
19 Angus White (J) 00:03:33 00:33:47 00:09:57 00:47:17
26 Frank Reader 00:13:57 00:42:14 00:21:18 01:17:29


More details of our GoTri races can be found in our Events section.

Woodlands Leisure Aquathlon – Results

Congratulations to all our racers who took part this morning.  Also a big thank you to the TriHarman-Norfolk members who gave up their Sunday morning to deliver the event.

The results are below:

Number Name Notes swim time run time overall time
8 Callum Steadman M 00:02:31 00:07:35 00:10:06
2 Matthew Rogers M 00:03:06 00:08:20 00:11:26
4 Gus White M 00:03:30 00:09:04 00:12:34
6 Olivia Sargeant F 00:03:33 00:09:43 00:13:16
5 Memphis Simmons F 00:04:44 00:08:50 00:13:34
7 Carina Simmons F 00:04:46 00:10:17 00:15:03
1 Trine Middleton F 00:05:17 00:12:33 00:17:50
3 Mabel White F 00:04:16 00:13:51 00:18:07


I hope to see a few more of you in two weeks at our GoTri Woodlands Leisure Triathlon.

Last TriHarman-Norfolk Training Winter Mini Duathlon 2017/18

13509089_10154880269942137_5368653402583781940_nWell done to everyone who took part , the weather has been wet, icy cold, windy or all three each time we have put them on this winter. Some great performances which will help your racing in the months to come.

It was great to see our junior racer Billy running and riding so strong.

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Keith 26m 00s Bike only
Trine 19m 25s 2m 09s 28m 02s 1m 17ss 13m 57s 1hr 4m 56s
Phil H 19m 21s Bike only
Suzie 17m 50s 1m 20s 23m 55s 48s 18m 13s 1hr 2m 06s
Amanda M 14m 20s 1m 45s 23m 28s 43s 15m 02s 55m 18s
Billy 12m 35s 24s 22m 03s 23s 12m 40s 48m 05s
Phil C 13m 49s 1m 18s 22m 50s 51s 13m 33s 52m 21s
Teresa 18m 56s 1m 17s 23m 07s 7m 29s 14m 01s 1hr 4m 50s
Mark 18m 56s 1m 02s 23m 42s 40s 14m 59s 59m 19s
Jeremy 16m 29s 1m 37s 25m 06s 1m 10s 16m 32s 1hr 0m 44s


They are not competitive events, but will be timed for your future reference.  Full details

TriHarman-Norfolk Triathlon Cycle/Run Training

TriH 2col

TriHarman-Norfolk next Cycle Training Session – Sunday 29th April

Well done to everyone who came along on our last session, it was a pleasure to coach in daylight and temperatures above freezing for a change.  The times for your run/bike/run time trial were impressive and set out here.

Name Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2 Total
Kiera 2m 4s 21s 5m 53s 13s 2m 11s 10m 42s
Gus 1m 35s 16s 5m 25s 11s 1m 29s 8m 54s
Jacob 1m 34s 11s 6m 11s 14s 2m 30s 9m 40s
Victoria 1m 27m 10s 5m 6s 12s 1m 31s 8m 36
Abi 1m 21s 18s 5m 1s 11s 1m 23s 8m 14s
Sam 4m 51s

Bike only

Yeray 1m 47s 13s 5m 3s 46s 1m 29s 9m 50s
Suzie 2m 41s 5m 47s

Extra lap

32s 1m 46s 10m 46s
John 1m 43s 25s 4m 48s 17s 1m 30s 8m 43s
Tessa 2m 18s 44s 5m 5s 44s 2m 11s 11m 2s
Jeremy 1m 55s 23s 5m 15s 21s 1m 48s 9m 42s



We have secured the use of an excellent facility to offer floodlit traffic free cycle training for those new to Triathlon cycling and those developing in the sport.

The session will be led by two qualified coaches, covering basic bike handling skills including braking, gears, cornering and dealing with hills.  The session is open to all TriHarman-Norfolk members and our junior squad, but for safety we have to limit numbers to 25 riders.

See more details here